The Canadian Drone Academy | Learn to build and fly drones from the best pilots in Canada

Founded by Nick Iversen in March of 2016 after seeing the demand for learning to build your own drone.  The learning curve was quite steep and good information was scattered across the internet.  Nick approached Concordia's District 3 Maker space to launch his vision of a drone building and flying school in Canada.  Working together they where able to put together a full class of 20 students wanting to learn about drones.  After 10 weeks of classes the students had build their own drone, learned to fly and where ready to race.  The Montreal Drone Expo was created and let the Canadian Drone Academy students get real world racing experience by flying at the event.  It was a huge success with over 1000 people attending and was covered by every major outlet in Canada including Discovery channel and had major sponsors such as Red Bull. After much demand nick decided to create an online E-learning platform to be able to teach people across the country from the internet. Nick gathered teachers from Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and other cities under one roof providing them with the tools and support needed to provide drone building and flying courses to people of all ages who want to learn about this amazing hobby.