Drones Business Course Overview

Once you have complete the first 3 courses in the series on learning how to become a professional drone pilot or you're already an avid pilot, we recommend taking Drone Business 101. This amazing online course will give you all the tips, tricks and key information you will need to start your new drone business.  Building a business can be tricky if you have never done it, but we have taken all the experience and knowledge from the experts and we have packed it into this course for you. You also get a dedicated business mentor / teacher that will help you through our e-learning platform to get you started and answering your questions.  The site offers tools like a dedicated forum, live video chatting, shared documents, live screen sharing and even live white boards that help you learn efficiently on your own time online. Take this course and build your own business in a few months and begin your career as professional drone pilot! 

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Included in this course

Get access to our community of Pilots, Teachers & students through our website from your computer, tablet or phone.  You can download our android or IOS app to do live video chatting your teachers.

Course content is constantly updated on our website and we update current news and information related to your courses so you can stay up to date with all the latest news about drones 24/7.

Live Video Support

Get your official Canadian Drone Academy certification after graduating from your classes.   Access all your certificates on your pilot profile online on our website and share it with anyone on the internet.

Get access to your own teacher & mentor via our website or app. Ask questions on the forums,  connect with teachers via live video conference, do screen sharing to get help & interact on a live white board.

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Access all of your courses curriculum, content, videos, photos, forum posts and certifications in your online pilot profile.  You can even add friends, join groups, attend events and post in the community.

Get help when your having trouble with your drone, our teachers will help you find the right answer and fix your problems through our website or our live chat app or even our screen sharing software.


What's included in the package

- Sample SFOC
- Business Starter Checklist
- Trusted Business Partners list
- List of free business software
- 8 hours of online courses
- 3 months of support
- Drone Business Certificate
- 1 hour live video consulting with expert

E-learning Platform

- Live Video chat platform
- Screen sharing
- Live white board
- Quizzes & tests
- Private dedicated forum
- Community of teachers & Pilots
- Works on all devices, Android & IOS
- Flying distance: 30 meters

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: 

The Canadian Rules and Regulations

    ◦    Transport Canada Reporting Requirements

    ◦    Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC)
    ◦    Drone Weight Classes

    ◦    Creating Your SFOC Application

    ◦    Understanding What Transport Canada Rules
    ◦    Being a Compliant Drone Flight Operations

    ◦    Limited Liability Companies

    ◦    Maintenance Requirements  

    ◦    Staff Accreditation Requirements 

    ◦    Developing Flight Operation Manuals
    ◦    Site Safety

    ◦    Mission Management 

Lesson 2: 

Drone Business Strategy

    ◦    Drone Market Analysis

    ◦    Personal Fit

    ◦    Competitive Analysis

    ◦    Identifying a Target Market

    ◦    Target Market Pros and Cons

    ◦    Service Offerings

    ◦    Pricing Strategy

    ◦    Branding

    ◦    Choosing a Company Name

    ◦    Designing a Logo

    ◦    Developing a Tagline

Lesson 3: 

Finding Customers

    ◦    Digital Marketing

    ◦    Content Marketing

    ◦    Search Engine Marketing

    ◦    Pay Per Click Strategy

    ◦    Creating Your First AdWords Campaign

    ◦    Display Ads

    ◦    Search Engine Optimization

    ◦    Identifying Keywords

    ◦    SEO Best Practices and Strategy

    ◦    Social Media Marketing

    ◦    Creating a Facebook Ad

    ◦    Advertising in Newspapers and Magazines

    ◦    Public Relations Strategy

Lesson 4: 

Business Operations

    ◦    Building to Scale

    ◦    Establishing Your Website

    ◦    Developing Your Internal Systems

    ◦    Your Business Internal Structure
    ◦    Hiring Strategies
    ◦    Managing Your Staff
    ◦    Developing a Org Chart

    ◦    CRM and EAM Systems

    ◦    Project Management Systems

    ◦    Tools for Internal Communication

Lesson 5: 

Legal Considerations

    ◦    Liability for Drone Pilots

    ◦    Types of Business Organizations

    ◦    Sole Proprietorships

    ◦    Partnerships

    ◦    Limited Liability Companies

    ◦    Contracts and Waivers 

    ◦    Copyright Law

    ◦    Trademarks

    ◦    Privacy Considerations

Lesson 6: 

Drone Insurance

    ◦    UAV Insurance

    ◦    Insurance vs. Warranty

    ◦    How Much Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

    ◦    Why Buy Drone Insurance?

    ◦    Factors Affecting Coverage

    ◦    Best Practices

    ◦    Insurance Options

    ◦    Warranties

    ◦    Risk Mitigation


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