Flying Drones 201 Course Overview

Learning to fly a drone 201 is the 4th class you can take in the series on becoming a professional drone pilot after you have taken 1: Rules & Regulations 101, 2: Drone simulators 101 & 3: Drone Flying 101. This course will focus on getting comfortable with using the DJi Go app and how to set it up & learn the on screen instrumentation.  We will then bring you outside with our expert pilots who will get you start with some hands on flying lessons getting you comfortable with using the controls. From there you will learn how to plan and execute your flight plan mission safely & securely in Canadian airspace. You will finish with a series of theoretical & practical exams.

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Included in this course

Get access to our community of Pilots, Teachers & students through our website from your computer, tablet or phone.  You can download our android or IOS app to do live video chatting your teachers.

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What's included in the package

- 4 hours drone educations
- 2 hours of simulator time
- 4 Hours of flying a DJi Phantom
- 4 Quizzes
- 1 theory test
- 1 practical test
- Presentation of certificate
- 3 month of support on the website

Drone Specifications

Weight    3 lbs.
Max Ascent Speed    13.4 MPH
Max Descent Speed    8.9 MPH
Max Forward Speed    45 MPH
Max Ceiling    400 ft. (Electronically Limited)
Max Flight Time    28 min.
Satellite Systems    GPS & GLONASS
Remote Frequency    2.400-2.483 GHz
Max Transmission Range    3.1 mi.
Battery Model    Intelligent Flight PH4
Battery Specs    5,350 mAh, 15.2v

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1:

Drone Business

  • Film, Photography, and Videography
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Emergency Services
  • Mapping & Surveying
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Security & Surveillance
  • The future of drones

Lesson 2: 

Platform & Components

  • Primary Drone Types
  • DJI Overview
  • Phantom / Inspire / Mavic Specs
  • Standard DJI Systems
  • Power System
  • Propulsion & Maneuvering System
  • Command & Control System
  • Positioning & Navigation System
  • Imaging Payload

Lesson 3: 

System Setup

  • Downloading the App
  • Connecting Your Device
  • Putting your props
  • Performing Firmware Updates
  • Battery Firmware updates
  • Performing app updates

Lesson 4: 

App Flight Display

  • System Status/Flight Mode
  • GPS/Link Quality/Battery Level
  • Camera Settings
  • Map / Flight Telemetry Data
  • Display layout configuration
  • app settings & functions
  • other apps that you can use

Lesson 5: 

Flight Planning

  • Verifying System Settings & Status
  • Performing a Compass Calibration
  • Startup & Takeoff
  • In-Flight Stick Commands
  • Landing & Shutdown
  • Flight Logging
  • Flight planning apps
  • checking weather
  • flight plan checklist

Lesson 6: 

Advanced flying modes

  • Multiple Flight Modes
  • Beginner Mode
  • Return to Home Altitude
  • Maximum Flight Altitude
  • advanced gimbals settings
  • advanced controller setup

Lesson 7: 

Mission Settings

  • Aerial Photography & Film
  • Structural Inspection
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Emergency services
  • Drone modes
  • Using 3rd party software
  • Mission Planning

Lesson 8: 

Emergency procedures

  • Loss of Control Link
  • Fly Away
  • Disorientation
  • Low Battery
  • Weather
  • Emergency plan

Lesson 9: 

Autonomous Flight

  • Course Lock
  • Home Lock
  • Point of Interest
  • Follow Me
  • Waypoints
  • Tap Fly
  • Tripod
  • Terrain Follow


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